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Did you know?

23. März 2021

Our colleague Daniel, a 1st year apprentice, created today’s vlog. Did you know… that even small steps can change the world? According to this motto, our articles on the Intranet are intended for all colleagues. These articles are meant to offer information showing our colleages the way towards sustainability, health, etc. in a simple way. […]

3 x 7,000 € for a good cause!

9. Februar 2021

3 x 7,000 € for a good cause! “It is still rare that companies donate for education, although there is so much to do,” writes Katja Hintze. “A donation for children’s education in the amount of 7,000 euros is something special for us and for this, the team of nicos AG deserves our thanks!”  Despite […]

New pathways for nicos AG

1. Dezember 2020

New pathways for nicos AG In May 2022, nicos will relocate its headquarters from Muenster-Wolbeck directly back to Muenster. To be more precise: We are moving to the new area “rob17” in Robert-Bosch-Strasse in the rear area of the Dreieckshafen. Here, areas are currently being developed with good urban connections, an attractive network as well […]

Bye-bye plastic bottles

19. November 2020

Goodbye plastic bottles!CO2-neutral water from your own tap In the past, water came from plastic bottles as part of our beverage flat rate. This has come to an end in November 2020. Because since then, nicos has relied on a water dispenser system that delivers fresh water, either refreshingly cold or hot for tea, from […]

Hock-in: new meeting format

6. Oktober 2020

Hock-in: new meeting format for and with colleagues On Wednesday, October 7, 2020 our new Hock-in stools made their debut! In line with our new meeting format, we chose these small wooden stools in a plug-in system, produced by a sustainable supplier in Lower Saxony and printed with our nicos signet. These stools offer the […]

The future has begun

6. August 2020

The future has begun Thursday, August 6, 2020 – on the way by bike from Wolbeck to Muenster-City to Future e.V. “Cycling from Wolbeck to Muenster-City, where I have an appointment with Future e.V., who will hopefully be able to give us some tips on what we need to keep in mind on our way […]

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